We desire nothing more than to see Children's Ministry grow to become an integral part of church, as we are entrusted to spirtually nurture and develop the younger generation of our church, to become the future generation of our church. If you are looking at our website from another church, we hope that you will find our site helpful and informative as possible in understanding the Children's Ministry of Rhema Bible Church. 

Become a  "HERO", in the life of a child by joining our  "Volunteer Group". From assisting with Registration, using your computer skills, to helping in a class or

even teaching a lesson. In 2017 you can make a

difference in the life of a child !

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How can my children participate in Rhema Kids at the Sunday Services?

We would love to meet you and your children at any of our Sunday Services! Registration starts 15 Minutes before any of our morning services and after praise and worship in the evening service.

First time at Rhema Kids?

Kindly make your way to the Welcome Desk in Bible School Building atrium, you will be given a Welcome Pack which consists of our calendar and all information regarding Kid's Church. You will then be directed to the appropriate class and allocated a parent number and your child will be given a temporary badge with their name and contact details. If we need to contact you during the service your child's name and

class will be placed on the screens.

Regular at Rhema Kids? Sign up is simple....just follow these easy steps.

STEP ONE: For children aged 1yrs to Grade R/0, Registration takes place in the Bible School Building atrium and is clearly visibly. Your child will receive a sticker for their age and class, with parents contact information on it. Parents will also receive a sticker that they must keep in a safe place to use when collecting their child/ren after the service. For those that are visitors their is a clearly marked "Manual Registration" desk where you will receive the tags for your child to enter the class. Please note NO Tag no entrance, please also note that should you lose your Collection Sticker, you will have to fill out an Identity Verification for where you will need to have you Drivers Licence or Identity Document to attach a copy to the document as proof. Please remember we take the safety of your child/ren very seriously and it is of utmost importance that procedure are adhered too. 

STEP TWO: Show your child's sticker at the class entrance. Then show your parent collection sticker when you collect your child/ren at the end of the service when you pick your child up.

Class Venue List

What curriculum does Rhema Kids use?

We use our very own curriculum and strongly believe in creating and developing our own creative material. Our curriculum is also available for purchase. Click Here

How do I get involved in Rhema Kids?

If you are a member of our church then you are able to get involved at Rhema Kids. Contact us by email rhemakids@rhema.co.za or call us on (011) 796-4097 or Click "Become a Hero button below".